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Each year, over 40 million people in the United States struggle with some form of mental illness. While the majority of people experience episodes of mental illness due to life circumstances, there are also many people with disorders that they must live with. When a person struggles with a mental illness or a substance use disorder, it takes a toll on the whole family. Unfortunately, many families aren’t equipped with the tools necessary to provide help for their loved one, and that’s why Chris Howard created Lifestyle Intervention to help those who need it the most. 

Lifestyle Interventions was created by Chris Howard to assist families in the areas where traditional treatment models fail, providing long term recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders. This approach aims to help begin the healing process, offering various services to assist families in times of crisis and uncertainty. Our goal is to make the treatment and recovery process as seamless as possible, fostering sustainable change. This step is crucial because due to the person’s mental illness, they may be resistant towards seeking help on their own. We’re also here to continue with care through our coaching and counseling sessions to help people learn how to manage their mental illness and live the life they deserve. Finally, Chris Howard and his team provide help to families. Overcoming mental health issues involves the entire family, and we’re here to help your loved ones learn how to support the individual affected by mental illness so everyone can begin healing together.


Many people who struggle with their mental health know they need help but are reluctant to do so because of various obstacles. Because of this, only a fraction of people struggling get the treatment they need. Chris Howard wants to help ease the process by coming to you and doing whatever it takes to make the family as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Providing Resources

In addition to Lifestyle Interventions’ counseling and coaching, crisis intervention and family support services, we are able to provide specialists when needed. We’ll provide you with reliable resources from our network of mental health professionals and doctors who can supplement with the treatment process.

Communication Skills

The foundation of family support services is healthy communication. In order for the family to heal, it’s important to learn how to communicate with one another. Throughout the recovery process, there will be ups and downs, but you can weather the storm when you have the tools to effectively communicate with one another.

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Chris Howard knows first-hand the wake of destruction that individuals and families experience as a result of addiction and mental health disorders. A Los Angeles native, Chris grew up in a home with a schizoaffective mother and experienced the hardships and challenges that come with caring for someone in a fragile mental state. Consequently, he was in-and-out of the foster care system and became extremely self-reliant early on in life. As a young man, Chris turned to drugs and alcohol to help escape his troubles in life.  After more than a decade of struggling with addiction and mental health issues, Chris finally made a decision to change the course of his life in 2009.

Chris Howard


Chris has over a decade of experience in the treatment and mental health workforce. He is Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor III (CADC-III) and has assisted families in crisis for over a decade. His therapeutic style is influenced by the guiding principles of Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). When working with families his focus is on what is happening in the here-and-now and overcoming disruptions in thought processes which can undermine productive behavior.

Chris’s passion stems from his ability to manage crisis situations and interventions that many find difficult to ameliorate. He empowers individuals and families to identify maladaptive attitudes, values, beliefs, and behavior that debilitate their ability to have fulfilling lives. His direct and empathetic approach helps elicit change in the lives of his clients and families. Accountability, integrity, & consistency are the cornerstone of his character, which he hopes to bestow on the clients he works with.


The consultation process can be overwhelming for many people in times of crisis, and even the task of picking up the phone can render the most capable people paralyzed.
Get into action by completing the initial consultation form and speak with a trained professional who can help. Please allow 24 hours for one of our team members to reach out.